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Halliburton confirms it’s on track for close to 100% local services in Guyana by year-end

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Halliburton has confirmed that by the end of this year close to 100% of its services will come from Guyana where it has been operating since 2015. The Oil field service company has been steadily expanding its activities in the South American country which has seen the establishment of state-of-the-art facilities, including one of the largest mud plants in the hemisphere, and expansion of its local workforce.

“From the start of our operations to present date we have been continually increasing our capacity as well as providing technical support and solutions to the market,” said Vahman Jurai, Halliburton Country Manager in Guyana. “Presently almost 90% of our services come from Guyana, and at the end of this year we will be close to 100%.”

The company has been providing various drilling and completion services in Guyana, all of which were initially supported from neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago. It has developed what it describes as ‘an early ambitious plan’ to migrate the support structure for these services to Guyana to enhance operational efficiency and reliability over the long term.

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Grace Hutson, Halliburton’s Account Representative in Guyana, had disclosed in December that the company’s local content plan is divided into five categories, each depending on the maturity of the market. For new and developing markets (as in the case of Guyana) the focus is directed to three main areas. These include personnel acquisition and development, vendor contracting and sustainable development, and social commitments.

“Over the last two years we have reached several key milestones in regard to our local content plans,” Hutson said. These include commissioning of state-of-the-art repair and maintenance workshops for directional drilling equipment, construction and commissioning of Liquid Mud plant and Cement bulk facilities enabling 100% deliverability from Guyana, creation of a pool of local engineers, technicians, and administrative support staff and establishment of a comprehensive portfolio of vendors delivering various critical services fundamental to the company’s operations.

The company believes that building a strong local vendor supply chain is critical to maintaining consistency and reliability and plays a key role in sustainable service delivery. “Our Goal is to further establish and increase strategic partnerships with local vendors in a sustainable and meaningful manner,” the Account Representative said.

Fluid Services

According to Jurai, the drilling of fluids or drilling of mud is one of the main services Halliburton provides in Guyana and is a fundamental part of its operations.

The company has been seeing an increase in its Latin America revenue resulting primarily from increased pressure pumping and wireline activity in Argentina, and activity increases in multiple product service lines in Colombia and Ecuador, as well as higher fluids sales in Guyana and drilling services in Brazil.

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“Our long-term vision is to develop a strong, dynamic local team by facilitating their development in various areas of our business, including in our technical, operational and administration processes,” Jurai said.


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